A literary analysis of girl by kincaid woman warrior by hong kingston and the lipstick tree by daven

The sisters struggle to free themselves from restraints placed on them by the patriarchal and politically repressive culture. The second oldest of four sisters, Alvarez was raised among her large extended family and their servants in a house on property owned by her maternal grandfather. English is the "other side" in this work as Alvarez declares, "Some things I have to say aren't getting said in this snowy, blond, blue-eyed, gum-chewing English. These women made their presence felt by drawing people's attention to their concerns which were different from those of white women. The guavas Yo picks and relishes signify that her reward lies in tasting the fruits of her own independent labor. We'll take a look right away. Her terrified parents decide they must teach her a lesson before she gets them all killed. Although the work is a fictionalization of the sisters' lives and Alvarez admits to taking certain liberties with some of the facts and events pertaining to Trujillo's dictatorship, the book is literally wrapped in historical truths, calling attention to its factual basis. It was Yo who first fully understood that it was her mother beneath the coat. Yet that is precisely the point of her story. Once again, Alvarez wrestles with feelings of loss and guilt. In "Dusting" Alvarez's mother's domesticity threatens her daughter's identity as an independent woman and a writer with erasure. But the novel significantly begins and ends with stories told, respectively, by Yo's mother and father; furthermore, the stories they tell attest to the power, both destructive and healing, of storytelling.

Mate, in particular, is still quite young even at the height of her participation in the movement she is only twenty-five when she is killedand Alvarez succeeds in honestly capturing her youthful and often naive perspective. Associate professor of English, University of Southern Mississippi.

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That Gladys serves as a kind of alter ego for young Julia is further reflected in the fact that it is Alvarez's mother who especially threatens the maid's selfexpression.

Associate Fiction Editor of the literary magazine Antietam Review.

Where they hit the windshield, they left blurry marks, until it seemed like I was looking at the world through a curtain of tears. Although Spanish was her first language and its influence is felt throughout her work, it remains the language of her early childhood. The woman warrior analysis essay The Woman Warrior Essay Maxine Hong Kingston This Study Guide consists of approximately 78 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Woman Warrior Another big negative is the fact that students and children who're studying the entire world may not be able to visit. The patriarchal structure of the household is reflected in the activity mother and daughter share of making up the "master bed" after her father leaves for work; the "black nose of his slipper" peaking out from under the bed and the "long pillow with the sultan's tassel" serve as reminders of her father's role as head of the family. The surviving sister, Dede, to whom the novel is dedicated, continues to live in the Dominican Republic. Nonetheless, her written testimony is vital as Trujillo's fear of the OAS and international sanctions resulting from their findings leads to the sisters' release from prison. When Mate and Minerva are held in the infamous La Victoria prison from January to August , the account the reader is given of their imprisonment is through Mate's eyes, in the form of secret journal entries kept in a notebook smuggled in by a kindly prison guard. Sometimes a small animal with a sharp hearing may get deaf for a second. This sense of being caught in between two worlds and of not really belonging to either one is embodied in Yo's character, who returns to the Dominican Republic for a visit with relatives at the beginning of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. There is an emphasis throughout the story on language and on the power of words to wound and bind. Editor in chief of The Robert Frost Review. Her writing, including an entry she secretly passes to the Organization of American States OAS Committee investigating Human Rights Abuses in the Dominican Republic, helps to keep her sane and to heal after she is subjected to torture and suffers a miscarriage. The gates have been opened and the story ends on a triumphant note that signals Yolanda's emerging discovery of her voice as a woman and a writer. Yo stops writing to him after becoming upset by a lecture she attended where the speaker argues that baby boomers who never had children had effectively committed genetic suicide.

The emphasis she places in her fiction on names and naming is explored throughout this poem in the repetition of the word "nombre s. As a fiction writer, I find the most exciting things happen in the realm of that hyphen—the place where two worlds collide or blend together.

One is to reveal the close connection that exists between father and daughter.

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Alvarez may also be referring on some level to her conflicting emotions over having abandoned her original tongue for English, the language of colonizers and the American government which paved the way for and supported Trujillo's dictatorship. And here I was, an American girl, coming home at last.

This rebuke, aimed as it is at Sandi's use of language, underscores her tenuous state and again points to how Alvarez shapes her as the sister most closely linked to her alter ego, Yolanda. In Alvarez returned to Vermont to become an assistant professor of English at Middlebury College. Apply a small amount of lip butter not gloss to the middle of your bottom lip to give you just a hint of softness. Her intent is to bring these very human women to life, rescuing them from disembodied untouchability as saints and martyrs. In each case, these poets are written about by critics who are themselves poets, and the depth and eloquence of their essays should be obvious even to casual readers. I wish I knew, I say, I wish I knew and could just put it into words," the sense the reader gets is of a woman who does not wholly believe in her ability to do just that. It is not surprising, then, that her next novel is set there and fulfills the mission urged upon her by Luisa to serve the Dominican people and her own santo or spirit. Although the work is a fictionalization of the sisters' lives and Alvarez admits to taking certain liberties with some of the facts and events pertaining to Trujillo's dictatorship, the book is literally wrapped in historical truths, calling attention to its factual basis. Yo makes the visit thinking that she may return permanently to live on the island. While written in English, the poem incorporates Spanish words in each of the six stanzas and the three-line envoi; the words "Spanish" and "English" themselves are also repeated in each stanza. Nonetheless, Alvarez's mother reigns over her daughters within the home in their father's absence. Bombal portrays the experiences of a woman, Brigida, who followed the social norms of marriage and ended up feeling unhappy and alone.

Marching past Trujillo's daughter during the opening ceremony for the World's Fair, Mate wonders if the woman "knew how bad her father is or if she still thought, like I once did about Papa, that her father is God.

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