About nurse in gremany

About nurse in gremany

But the new geriatric nurses heading for Germany will take the plane. In addition to the vocational training programme for nursing, a new university course for nursing will be introduced. The Federal Employment Agency then organises interviews in which it assesses the personal qualifications, nursing skills and language proficiency of the applicants. From the airport, they drive Nefzi to his new apartment and then to the supermarket Aldi, and they also help him with his official paperwork and to open a bank account. For more information about recognition, examinations, adaptation courses and the German authorities competent for these matters, please go to www. If a caregiver falls ill, a replacement is immediately sent by a temporary work agency. All the cars, all the big houses, and everything so orderly. At the end of their course they have to pass a state examination. The rest of the 35 percent of young men and women who are unemployed will not receive any job training from Germany. You need to be in good health: You need to present a certificate issued by a German doctor stating that you are physically and mentally fit and able to work in nursing care. But then, in late May, there is a setback.

In the beginning I found it difficult to get my bearings in a new country. In Germany the hospital staff provide all-round care for their patients.

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I can take care of myself and even support my family back home. At the start it was really difficult for us Filipino nurses. All the cars, all the big houses, and everything so orderly. After her time on Ward 7 and successfully passing her exams, she is now recognised as a fully qualified nursing professional and has a permanent position. Danke, danke, danke. When you complete German course and you have Goethe certificate with you, we will start the actual procedure of finding a job in Germany. Germany is well known for Electrical and Mechanical Fields. This is a triple win situation. The share of geriatric nurses from abroad has likewise been rising for years and is currently at 11 percent. Your qualifications are recognized as equivalent if there are no substantial differences between your foreign qualifications and the corresponding German qualifications. Working conditions and pay are better in Germany. Currently, an open geriatric nursing position remains unfilled for an average of days, the worst average among all professions. This includes adaptation courses, preparatory courses for examinations, language courses or further training in-house at a company. Detailed information about how you can apply for a visa under Section 17a Act on the Residence can be found in the visa section.

They are all full of hope for a better life in Europe and are willing to risk their lives to get there. The vacancy time has increased by 17 days and the job vacancy ratio has decreased by 2.

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As a nurse you have to take care of people — who often speak only German. The duration of their initial training will then be factored in. They need to be diligent, emphatic, responsible, emotionally stable and in good physical shape in order to meet the wide range of tasks they will be faced with.

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And the German geriatric care system will have another Tunisian employee.

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Registered Nurse (RN) Salary in Germany