An analysis of the different computer parts and computer jargon

A language for requesting data from a relational database.

computer parts dictionary

The central processing unit under the direction of the word processing software accepts the data you input through the keyboard. Each bit location may be thought of as a small capacitor capable of storing an electrical charge. N nesting Placing documents within other documents.

Computer lingo

Syn: coding standards. This ability to ask "What if. Modern personal computers are starting to come with removable storage media, like Zip disks. Jakarta was the name of the conference room at Sun where most of the meetings between Sun and Apache took place. To transfer a program held on some external storage medium such as magnetic tape or disk into the main memory of the machine in a form suitable for execution. Later adapted by DEC and Intel as well and subsequently adopted as an international standard called See: software development process. Compuserves non-platform specific format for low-resolution, compressed graphics interchange.

The gnu is also a species of African antelope. This ability to ask "What if. There may be many different sessions emanating from any one node on a network.

Software is actually a computer program.

Technology terminology

Word output, for example, may be the letters and memos prepared by office people using word processing software. It implies software that integrates operating system and application functions. A parity bit is a bit added to data to make the parity always even or odd. See: retrospective trace, subroutine trace, symbolic trace, variable trace. An on-line group discussion. Related, less common terms include l10n for localization , g11n for globalization and a11y for accessibility. OLE automation provides a cross-platform infrastructure that allows one application to control another. To be more specific, a program is a set of step-by-step instructions that directs the computer to do the tasks you want it to do and to produce the results you want.

Transmissions [communications] which occur in only one direction at a time, but that direction can change. But now supercomputers are moving toward the mainstream, for activities as varied as stock analysis, automobile design, special effects for movies, and even sophisticated artworks Figure IEEE Software that is part of a larger system and performs some of the requirements of that system; e.

Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis. The federal government uses supercomputers for tasks that require mammoth data manipulation, such as worldwide weather forecasting and weapons research.

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List of computer term etymologies