An essay on the british raj in india

But the 'Great Rebellion' did more to create a racial chasm between ordinary Indians and Britons. However, Britain treated this as a long-term loan with no interest and no specified repayment date.

timeline of british rule in india from 1600 to 1947

There is no argument that the British made their impact on the way India is today. The Battle of Plassey Britain had been trading in India since aboutbut it did not begin to seize large sections of land untilafter the Battle of Plassey.

The canal was closed to navigation in to increase irrigation and aid in famine-prevention.

An essay on the british raj in india

While the British occupied the superior position, the Indians occupied subordinate positions such as Munisiffs, Amins, the Quazis and the Pandits advising the judges in the Hindu and the Muhammadan laws. This trend was also the source of many major historical events that occurred within that timeframe.

The reasons for independence were multifaceted and the result of both long and short term factors.

Essay on impact of british rule in india

It developed from its elite intellectual middle-class confines, and a moderate, loyalist agenda, to become by the inter-war years, a mass organisation. For example, Gandhi persuaded landlords to stop forcing their tenant farmers to pay increased rent and mill owners to peacefully settle a strike. In between the Collector and the Tahsildar, the post of Deputy Collector was created. The soldiers who had joined Japan and Germany in fighting the British were put on trial at Delhi's Red Fort in early Settlements in places such as Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta became big commercial towns controlled by the East India Company. How, then, did Britain manage to control India from to ? The land allocated to be left undisturbed is guarded very carefully, any activity on that land will be punished severely The people free themselves, from oppression, from royalty, and begin the governmental experiment that will dominate the globe for the next two and a half centuries
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History of the British Raj