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Introduction A half a century ago, Rollin King and Herb Kelleher decided to join together and to start a different sort of airline.

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Geophysical Research Letters 36 23 : L Geophysical Research Letters 33 13 : L Within the past 1, years, several severe, multidecade droughts have struck the region, causing societal collapse, mass migrations,3,25,26,28 and in extreme cases perhaps even widespread human mortality. Workers selection pursued teamwork attitude Gittell Enhanced ticketing using self service and reusable cards reduced costs without harming queue time and in fact, it reduced it. Review and quantitative analysis of indices of climate change exposure, adaptive capacity, sensitivity, and impacts. Journal of Hydrometeorology Reduced stream flows also have implications for power generation in the Southwest. There was no punitive atmosphere regarding performance and the relation to the headquarters was direct; supervisory span is small 1 to 9 stated as an internal client relation. Standardization in equipment and process, innovative approximation to operations, training and compromised human resources. Extreme and persistent drought in California and Patagonia during mediaeval time.

Elimination of the hub-and-spoke routing system, reducing bottlenecks in the network and better suited routes, enhancing the rotation of passengers, seat occupation and net production. Journal of Hydrology 1 : Herb Kelleher.

Three examples for the Boeing The USA National Transportation Safety Board found in that Flight Data Recorder from B did "not provide needed information about airplane motion" producing increased risk in landing Hall, ; an evaluation on aged by Sandia National Laboratories in questioned the use of sealant replacing resin based bond adhesive, as it makes impossible to visually determining the integrity of the rods in some areas of the hull DiMambro, Werner et al.

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Sirking affirms that SWA at that moment, just like Wallmart or Bank One, was a case of focus on what to do routines, attitude, knowledge learning and not what to have assets, capital. A decade of weather extremes. The organization created a particular corporate culture which made Southwest employees, well-known for taking themselves lightly but their jobs seriously. The idea when getting into a plain is not to eat, drink fine liquors, see movies or seat on leather; the clients intention is to move rapidly, safely, cheap and comfortable. All these particularities about the ways and structures of SWA, were complemented with operational and product innovations that reinvented the service concept about air transportation logistics. Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains. Fancy relaxed atmosphere in the flights, produced by amicable campaigns like "All you need is LUV" American Stock Exchange ticker symbol from the airline , changing the Texas Love Field into an icon. The culture practiced at Southwest ensured progress towards their primary goal of customer service and low cost. Focusing on transportation let them be flexible in time schedules, routes and prices; a lower variable cost structure let such organizations adapt to new challenges as the basics productivity are solved by now. The World Bank. The age of Pan Am and the mega carriers passed through, and traditional air lines did not noticed how changes affected their business. Other area of specialization that could represent trouble to SWA in times of globalization was the focus on short flights. How corporate culture helped Southwest Airlines become the best, based on "An evaluation of the corporate culture of Southwest Airlines: measuring business excellence" by Gene Smith The fleet operates one single kind of equipment: Boeing

Journal of Hydrometeorology Mastering tools and operations through strong training, and standardization of procedures. Assessing climate change impacts on water availability of snowmelt-dominated basins of the Upper Rio Grande basin. Ecosphere 6 8 : This ability made the airline pass over the situation with profit and increasing market Taylor Productivity, quality and flexibility built a system of closey related variables that turn concepts into routines perceived by customers as valuable.

There is no trace of confrontation between SWA and Boeing and seem they had a close relation, being this airline one of the biggest purchasers of in the world; this surely helped to balance the supplier's power.

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On the operational and service area, the importance of standardization was critical as it is the base of the competitive difference of the company. Ito, et al.

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What's Southwest Airlines' Leverage Situation?