Bad handwriting and intelligence

Lecture notes had to be scribbled faster and faster, so aesthetics were sacrificed for speed and now ten years after graduating my handwriting is still a dreadful, inconsistent mess.

Blog Comments: This one set the Page on FireGraphology World January 2, at pm, […] new comment was a furious and very blue observation about a certain blog post I had written and the language was […] Rif April 15, at pm, Im in 8th grade right now.

geniuses with bad handwriting

Sandra December 31, at am, Kawaii October 18, at am My handwriting is awful, but I do draw very well. I have low self esteem, can get upset easily, etc. Studies have shown that cat owners tend to have higher IQs and are more educated. My hobby is to make a comics. Being a night owl is not always a bad thing.

I have an unorthodox pen grip thumb wrap quad grip and form there researched neatness and came across this post.

Sandra March 6, at am, Cassie, there is often an element of creativity in ugly handwriting because it shows some type of individuality.

People with bad handwriting

I try to avoid writing whenever possible though. How interesting that you find it difficult to read individualized handwriting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Some of their best work was done by observing or reconnecting with nature. Being a night owl is not always a bad thing. I recently failed on my french test because my teacher couldnt see what it said. What should I do if im not good at drawing, How do i express myself without writing, thats what I wonder? But I still in some cases would like at least moderate hand writing because I like to write in my journal and to my wife so it would be handy to have at least decent handwriting and I still look for tips in improving. The link between these two characteristics is thus certain What do you think? Reply September 12, at am Hi Talal Thank you for your comment. I think it may be a way of calming this nervous excitement that has been worrying me for so long. I have low self esteem, can get upset easily, etc. It is almost as if I draw my words instead of writing them, which causes my handwriting to go everywhere and end up looking crazy. I just love to draw.
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