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We must protect our forests.

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Deforestation reduces the content of water in the soil and groundwater as well as atmospheric moisture. Groundwater is extracted by trees through the help of their roots; the water extracted is then released into the surrounding atmosphere. According to one study, in deforested north and northwest China, the average annual precipitation decreased by one third between the s and the s. Wood-based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture need a substantial amount of wood supply. The massive use of charcoal on an industrial scale in Early Modern Europe was a new type of consumption of western forests; even in Stuart England, the relatively primitive production of charcoal has already reached an impressive level. Some experts have argued that the clearing of forests is something poor people do more as a result of them not having other alternatives. Forest destruction emits further carbon into the atmosphere, with 4. Deforestation and forest degradation have real and tangible impacts on the lives of these vulnerable communities. Short-term economic gains made by conversion of forest to agriculture, or over-exploitation of wood products, typically leads to a loss of long-term income and long-term biological productivity. Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses and has been extremely prevalent in the Amazon rainforest in recent years. People cut trees for different reasons. Whenever a tree or a forest is cut, another one should be planted at the same place or on other lands to promote the forestation.

Construction of roads leads to deforestation as they provide the way to remote land. The rainforest is arguably the most complicated and largely interwoven ecosystem on land. It has a lot of different uses, and while it is true that it is a very important source for survival, it cannot be denied that the loss of green life by deforestation is very harmful to each and every living being on this planet, be it, humans, be it animals, it is very harmful.

The article focuses on the habitat loss due to deforestation. If deforestation were to be left alone, the planet and animals would not be the only ones suffering from it.

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This is almost inevitable as every type of biome harbors some kind of tree, except for one: the arctic. Not only do people need to help the planet but they need to help themselves and further generations to come, such as children and grandchildren because these natural resources that are being taken away from society are as well shaping the future.

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Forest landscape restoration FLR Nature-based solutions such as forest landscape restoration FLR can help countries reverse the effects of deforestation and degradation and regain the ecological, social, climatic and economic benefits of forests.

Human activities that contribute to carbon dioxide gas emission to the atmosphere have to be reduced through strict policies for industries and finding alternative energy sources that do not produce greenhouse gases.

Best essay on deforestation a big disaster

Deforestation has slowed down years ago, but now, it is starting to increase and does not show that it will slow down. In fact, the huge demand for wooden things has resulted in the quick reduction of the forest.

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Deforestation in China's Loess Plateau many years ago has led to soil erosion; this erosion has led to valleys opening up. According to one study, in deforested north and northwest China, the average annual precipitation decreased by one third between the s and the s. For example, a ROAM assessment in Malawi helped the government introduce sustainable agricultural systems to address food insecurity. This includes setting up of factories, industries, and towers, etc. In turn these causes hinder sustainability. Forest Diseases: Numerous diseases are instigated by rusts, parasitic fungi, nematodes and viruses that result in demise and deterioration of jungle. Though the model showed no significant changes to the climate in areas other than the Tropics, this may not be the case since the model has possible errors and the results are never absolutely definite. However, they do not know that unknowingly they are digging a big pit for their own. Violation of Forest: One more reason of deforestation is a violation by tribal on the land of forest for cultivation and other motives. Overall, the article is well written and well researched.

Three regional studies of historic erosion and alluviation in ancient Greece found that, wherever adequate evidence exists, a major phase of erosion follows the introduction of farming in the various regions of Greece by aboutyears, ranging from the later Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age.

Hopefully it will still be able to thrive after the numerous accounts of human destruction.

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