Business ethics in saudi culture case study

Christianity consists of four main denominations of which Protestantism affects business most Hill, Transparency International, an organization based in Germany, has been effective in helping coalitions of companies, government officials, and others work to reform bribery-ridden bureaucracies in Russia, Bangladesh, and elsewhere.

This may result in a loose time schedule.

Saudi arabia business culture

When gift giving moves outside those limits, it soon collides with core human values. It may be acceptable to discriminate in certain cultures, even if the people in that society know that it is not right or fair. Cultural norms may make life difficult for the company as well as the employee. In Saudi Arabia the spoken word has much more weight than written agreements. Female businesswomen meeting male counterparts in public locations are expected to be accompanied by another male. Companies use a wide range of strategies to communicate their socially responsible strategies and programs. It is difficult for both companies and professionals to operate within one set of accepted standards or guidelines only to see them gradually evolve or change. Search our Course Catalogue for training relevant to Saudi Arabia. The fact is that officials in many developing countries wink at the practice, and the salaries of local bureaucrats are so low that many consider bribes a form of remuneration. Obstacles will be communicated towards the higher authority in order to perform a detailed analysis again Schroll-Machl, The following section describes how those two religions and their ethics impact on international business.

Using moral imagination means resolving tensions responsibly and creatively. Managers must recognize that when countries have different ethical standards, there are two types of conflict that commonly arise. For example, bribery has been an accepted business practice for centuries in Japan and Korea.

what is the climate for doing business in saudi arabia today

Coca Cola has long been the target of several smear campaigns in the region — one being that its logo is designed to imply an anti-Islamic message. Byhowever, the Islamic population will be approximately equivalent to the number of Christians.

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