Business reflection letter

These are the Indentation formats, margins, font formatting, and punctuation.

reflection on writing skills

It should maintain a proper relationship, serves as evidence, create and maintain goodwill, etc. But now, I have learned some basic information about the topic. I followed too what should be inside of the two headings. I also knew the sequence in writing Business letters.

In a website I read before, it is said that the best way help us speaking English fluently is learning whole sentences. One interesting thing I found out is that they always smile nicely when talking. Especially, when someone that talks a lot to me, I will definitely feel dizzy, even headache.

It takes me long time, so I just say keywords. I afraid people are the same as me.

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Additionally, I should not view conversations in a serious perspective. This book teaches readers how to have effective speeches.

reflective letter for english portfolio
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Self Reflection Letter by Ericka Kent on Prezi