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I had the chance during a recent visit to the Colorado College campus to ask their Assistant Director of Admissions, Sara Purviance, for her tips on answering this essay topic.

Due to the complexity of this second essay, you may choose to start off with a short outline of the ideas you will present and in what order.

Research opportunities: Possibly the greatest strength of our department is its ability to provide research experience to students who are interested and willing to do the extra work.

The Block Plan is an intensive academic schedule that organizes four blocks of classes for students each semester. In the third week, I will travel to Alaska or Northern Canada to live with the locals to gain some hands-on experience of their life, traditions and their hardships.

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Note: If you have another more-creative plan in mind, you can surely follow that layout instead! Thirty-two blocks at CC.

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Once you are done, read through the essay multiple times yourself for edits.

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