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The work is divided into three chapters. A furniture dealer who gave Lena and Byron a lift in his wagon is the narrator of the final chapter, and their courtship is the subject of the comical tale he is telling his wife. At least, he confessed to Joanna and Brown. At the end of her relationship with Christmas, Joanna tries to force him, at gunpoint, to kneel and pray. However suspicion must fall on Doc Hines Joe's deranged grandfather who placed him in the orphanage and stays on as the boilerman. The dietitian in violating his order of existence also attempted to destroy his individuality. He tried to enlist in the U. Owing to his "lack of racial heritage," Christmas himself can be considered as the Everyman. In which characters is this stringent, unforgiving strain of thinking most apparent, and what are its effects? Although he has light skin and is an orphan with no knowledge of his family background, he believes that one of his parents are of African-American ancestry, and this secret has caused him to be a habitual wanderer. The status of black Africans was not clear till when the laws which started racial segregation were passed.

Under such circumstances, the only chance for Christmas to build a positive image of himself, is an acceptance of his strangeness by the other members of the white community. The protagonist behaves as if he could not understand why he can not belong to the circle with "one drop of the foreign blood.

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It is he who may have whispered the lie about the little boy's origins to the other children. History: pre-Columbian to the New Millennium. This is revealed by the scenes which immediately precede and follow Joe's self-realization. One experience at the orphanage, especially, has multiple consequences for Christmas. In Light in August, the family as a unit is replaced by the community, which although not examined as the family is in other novels, serves as the point of departure. The last woman to break his order of existence was Joanna Burden, who paid for it with her life. Poniewaz rasa jest w powiesci symbolem roznic miedzy ludzmi, powiesc ma wymiar uniwersalny wykraczajacy znacznie poza stosunki spoleczno-polityczne panujace w tym czasie na Poludniu USA. She attended church and prayer meeting regularly, and the ladies called upon her and she called upon them, sitting quiet and humble, even in her own house, while they told her how to run it and what to wear and what to make her husband eat. The dietitian in violating his order of existence also attempted to destroy his individuality.

Joanna is depicted as a masculine woman, a spinster, a Northerner and a nymphomaniac. Most primary socialization is facilitated by the family, friends, day care, and to a certain degree various forms of media Starting from the moment when McEachern is trying to force Christmas to obey him, to the day of his coming into Mottstown, where instead of acting like a runaway slave, he is walking the streets "like a white man" - Christmas expresses his disagreement with his position in the social hierarchy.

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He tried to enlist in the U. Like him, she is for Christmas the never realized promise of acceptance and family warmth. The lesson he learned early in life was that he could depend upon men, but women were forever unpredictable. Cultural taboo has its roots in the slavery period.

His grandfather's ghost haunted his Calvinistic conscience until it forced him to marry a girl whom he did not love and subject her to his own ghosts. How do their wanderings differ in spirit and in function?

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The life she leads indicates that she is devoid of racial prejudice. McEachern began to pray. Never a brilliant student, Faulkner left high school after the tenth grade. Christmas has broken the taboo, and his castration is an expression of the fear of destruction of the existing social order by the people, whose existence was credited to the fact that the taboo was broken. Because of this, Joe Christmas is fixated on the idea that he has some African American blood, which Faulkner never confirms, and views his parentage as an original sin that has tainted his body and actions since birth. People just want to see the world as a rational and fair place. Joanna is not able to overcome the social pattern, which puts her higher in the hierarchy. Each of these can be adequately supported, but none seems to present the whole intent of the novel. Byron, like Lena, had willed his own isolation in Jefferson; however, with the appearance of Lena, he is forced to become involved in society.

The strict division into: female - male, weak-strong, and the absolute patriarchal rules performed by the father of the family, where every attempt of disobedience leads to corporal punishment flogging, which is linked to slavery - is an image of society in which the protagonist tries to find his place.

The fact that Hines and his wife live at their mercy does not matter. Originally the attraction of Hightower and Byron to each other depended upon both being isolated from the community; but as Byron becomes involved, he draws Hightower in also.

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