Covering wooden letters with fabric

Coat the back of the fabric with a glue stick and wrap each section round the fabric covered edge to the wrong side.

How to decoupage letters

More Ideas You'll Love This is another one of those crafts I have always had a hankering to do but thought it just looked too difficult. I know you will One rectangle, 2cm larger all round than the letter, for the back. Is that even a word? Scissors here is a link to the gold pair I own Step 1: Determine which letters will be covered in which fabrics before you begin. Hold on to your seats! Peel the protective backing paper from the double-sided tape, then fold back the fabric margins and press them onto the adhesive strips. But after repeating the process six times on six different letters, I kind of have this down to a science and felt I must share to make it easier for the rest of you. Take off the backing paper and press it firmly in place on to the reverse of the wooden letter.

This will be used to neaten the back of the letter later on. Cool huh? Continue Reading I saw a picture of fabric-covered letters on Pinterest one day and thought that would be fun. I used my rotary cutter and mat. I know you will Or you can glue them to a board to make a sign. Fold over the short end, then continue around the letter until all the margins are turned back.

stuffed fabric letters

Boy oh boy, I could NOT have been Clip into the margin at right angles, spacing the cuts at 15mm intervals and snipping to within 3mm of the letter.

Turn the corner back at an angle, stretching it gently to get a neat edge, and staple down the point.

Covering wooden letters with fabric

From their website: Fat Quarter Bundles are collections of fat quarters from a fabric line. Another neat thing about the fat quarters that works so well for the project is that they come with edges that are pinked. Position the staples close together. For the little hole in the letter A, I used my x-acto knife and made a cut in the form of a cross all the way to the edge and glued the fabric. I know you will So how did I do on my first ever full-fledged tutorial? Read This Next. For an inner curve, cover the entire edge with a fabric strip.

Now, I have a great gift idea and more arts and crafts to do for the future.

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DIY fabric covered wooden letters