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The action is well coordinated, technical and raw which will appeal to male viewers. Spanning eighteen volumes, Fushigi Yuugi tells the story of two teenaged girls, Miaka and Yui, who are pulled into " The Universe of the Four Gods ", a mysterious book at the National Library.

However, with the modern day settings, you get a different approach to the school uniform with the blazer and ribbon design you see in lets say Evangelion, than the more mainstream sailor uniform which I thought was unique to anime in the mids with Magic Knight Rayearth and Sailor Moon being the rage back then with those designs, so its nice to see something different.

Max Song: My heart has never been so played with. Originally published by Shogakukannone of the novels have been licensed for English release.

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The only anime that has achieved me to react like this since is the Kimura vs Mashiba oav of Hajime no Ippo. The series was originally released in a flipped trade paperback format, starting in August Fans still love Fushigi Yugi with an intensity usually reserved for fighting wars. In the unfamiliar world of the book, Mayo must come to terms with her own life and the unhappiness within it. A thirteen volume Japanese light novel series also followed Fushigi Yuugi. It has romance, adventure, excitement, comedy and action, which I will further get into. Each character has a very elaborate backstory, and while not every character has tragic origins, each one is the way they are because of the events of their past. In this magical ancient world, Miaka becomes the priestess of the southern kingdom Suzaku, while Yui is coerced into becoming the priestess for the eastern kingdom of Seiryuu. The characters with names remaining in Japanese in the English version are the characters such as Tamahome who have Japanese pronunciations of ancient constellations; there was never any intention of them having Chinese names. The episodes were split across two volumes, with the first released May 25, , and the second coming over a year later on August 25, With our hearts.

He is so multi-talented and he demonstrates it very well when you get to know his character more. Viz kept the original Chinese names of characters at the request of Watase.

The anime series was followed by three Original Video Animation releases, with the first having three episodes, the second having six, and the final OVA, Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden, spanning four episodes. Fans still love Fushigi Yugi with an intensity usually reserved for fighting wars. Watching the show and listening to the music made me want to study Japanese, and I taught myself hiragana and katakana by transcribing [romanized] lyrics of Fushigi Yugi songs.

They become enemies and must make tragic choices to help save their new friends and the mysterious world they end up in.

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I never usually recommend anime to others. The OVAs were released with similar packaging as the main series, to give them a consistent look. Yui is also drawn into the book when she tries to help Miaka to come back to the real world; becoming the Priestess of Seiryuu, working against Miaka out of jealousy over Tamahome and revenge for the humiliation and pain she had suffered when she first came to into the book's world.

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