Do you feel that bpa should be more tightly regulated in the us

This new cognition gleaned from my research will be shared with others such as at work when I see a colleague eating their tiffin out of an old scratched melted microwavable container. Action Needed How has the plastics industry escaped serious regulation by the federal government, especially since other federally regulated sectors that create environmental or health risks such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, motor vehicles, and tobacco have their own statutes?

It's a proven carcinogen in animals and considered a possible human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. In conclusion, the research into the substance called Bisphenol A has been very enlightening. Some scientists and consumers are concerned enough that they suggest taking steps to reduce exposure to BPA.

A study found that 31 percent of food companies used only cans lined with BPA.

why is bpa bad

In addition, the U. This application usually begins with alkylation of BPA with epichlorohydrin. In some studies, high doses given to pregnant rats delayed the onset of puberty in their female offspring, though different studies showed the opposite effect.

Discard scratched baby bottles, infant feeding cups, and water bottles. This is detrimental because small infants and children cannot eliminate the xenobiotic from their bodies as well as adults.

The most promising proposal for reform in the U. Ground beef Cattle fattened on feed lots typically are in crowded conditions and fed growth hormones, both of which make them more susceptible to disease.

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Evaluation of Bisphenol A (BPA) Regulation Essay