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It has cause many problems ranging from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. Due to their proximity to homes and the materials used, construction sites may generate home pollution.

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Decreasing number of plants and trees causes less use of carbon dioxide which gets concentrated into the environment and in turn increases environmental temperature level leading to global warming which is the epicenter of problems. Thermal pollution[ change change source ] Thermal pollution is the harmful release of heated liquid into a body of water or heat released into the air as a waste product of a business. The emission of sulphur oxide and many other gases into the atmosphere leads to global warming with the capacity to lead to an acid rain. People release a huge amount of chemical substances in the air every day. An example of one of the many sad examples of the calamities that can rise due to air pollution is the gas tragedy of Bhopal. It is very easy to monitor, indentify and control the point sources of pollution while the non-point pollution sources are quite difficult and hard to control. The chemicals can produce harmful vapors, or they can contaminate water supplies underneath the polluted soil. Car pollution can cause disruption to human 's health, the environment, and the cities in just a matter of time and in many different ways. High school english sat essay on water pollution and nitrogen. Radioactive contamination can be caused by breaches at nuclear power plants or improper transport of radioactive chemicals. In case we use them, we must not dispose them off and purchase new ones immediately, we should reuse them a couple of times before disposing them off. It can also permanently alter the air, soil and water — which are the major life sources. The contamination of the natural environment gives birth to lots of diseases in human beings and affects the normal survival of animals and other organisms.

Arkansas satellite wireless is affected by guest author. Keep the Surroundings Clean We must keep our surroundings clean by throwing the waste products in the dustbin rather than throwing them away on the land or into the water bodies.

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It will help in saving fertility of soil and also save ground water from getting contaminated. The masses should be educated on the danger of different types of pollution. When it rains, the impurities of air gradually dissolve in the water-bodies and soil.

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Examples include poisonous gasessulphur dioxidenitrogen dioxidecarbon monoxide and very small particulates. My life video short story analysis essay in words now, says. If the level of dissolved oxygen is low, the water is considered to be polluted; dissolved oxygen is from the decomposition carried out on organic materials like sewage that are added to the water.

Pollution can be classified into two sections, We should take care of our environment to maintain the natural ecosystem.

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Water Pollution The industrial and household waste often finds its way into the rivers and other water bodies thereby polluting them.

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