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However, his mind is not able to justify murder for any reason; therefore, he truly goes insane before he is able to fulfill his scheme. Grindstaff Mrs. He has yet to take up the part assigned to him by the ghost. The definition of madness is the state of being mad; insanity. Although Hamlet and Ophelia are the only characters thought to be so afflicted, the reactions of other characters to this madness mirrors their own preoccupations. We use our own understanding of the world that surrounds us to find answers concerning the minds of people around us. He is now committed to acting, and loving Ophelia fits the role.

Although while Hamlet is holding up this pretence of madness he slowly becomes drawn into a depression, which is so deep at some points it is unclear whether he is insane or deeply depressed, I would not call this depression madness in any way because the term madn Sometimes it is faked, sometimes it is nonsensical.

Ophelia's crazed characteristics show up and intensify quite rapidly, until she is ultimately led to suicide.

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Each one has their own excitement, disappointment, and mild tone. Polonius could not stick to the role of adviser and was trying to convince the King that Hamlet was in love with his daughter. The sanity or insanity in hamlet remains highly debatable throughout the play as all the character show both characteristics On the other hand, W. Was Hamlet really suffering from madness, as many of his friends and family thought? In Hamlet, Shakespeare incorporates the theme of madness to serve a motive. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet pretends that he is insane to trick King Claudius and his company while in fact, he is not at all mad. Hamlet's madness comes and goes; Ophelia's does not. She was his love interest and as such he should have loved her more than her brother. After all of this swearing and support of the value of acting and words, he backs out of it again. When Laertes is talking to Claudius, Laertes gets so much revenge building up inside him against Hamlet that Laertes now wants to "cut his throat. There is much evidence in the play that causes one to believe that Hamlet is in fact crazy.

Using extensive evidence from the text and scholarly criticism, it can be efficiently argued that Hamlet does indeed maintain his sanity throughout the entirety of the play.

If the characters had the information that Hamlet had about the murder of his father, would they have thought differently of his actions and his sanity The outside world's perception of him as being mad is of his own design. In Polonius lengthy discussion with the king and queen he explain the situation: Polonius: Your noble son is mad.

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It is very interesting to consider that the play shows many uncertainties that lives are built upon, or how many unknown quantities are taken for granted when people act or when they evaluate one another's actions.

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