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But the government of these two countries is different.

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So an association has some definite aims which have to be realised through the cooperative efforts of its members. The expected population of Azad Hind was to be the Indians.

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The state is to maintain law and order, defend the country and protect the land and the people from foreign aggression. The framework of decent work defines what should be done to promote the welfare of labor. This theory is based on two premises — reduction of the function of the state to the barest necessities and maximum liberty to the individuals. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website. From a crude and tribal origin it has grown into the modern complex stature. So it is said that the state is the most powerful of all the associations. Language of a more unified government is added to show that the central government shall be powerful and not one that allows more power to be given to the states making them prone to disobeying federal law The land that falls within the geographical limit of a state is not the total territory of it. Initially the people submitted to the centralised authority because it was more beneficial than feudalism. Home Essays Purpose of Government Purpose of Government Topics: Government , Person , Political philosophy Pages: 3 words Published: September 16, Purpose of the Government The purpose of the government to me is ultimately having responsibility of the individuals living in society as well as the land that those individuals live on. The Bill of Rights the first ten amendments to the US Constitution, ratified in and guaranteeing such rights as the freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship Monarchy yielded place to the republic in about B.

In this way, Rome became the biggest empire known to history. I think that it has achieved its purpose because it provides fast searches and it is the largest search engine in the world. PWSN not only acts as planners but also implements of development plans at the local level.

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I consider myself a Democrat -- but I saw that club as the last thing I would ever start. Definition of State: There are too many definitions of the state.

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