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This pattern of increasing Internet use held true at all income and education levels, for all age groups, for both men and women, for the employed and the unemployed and across all race and ethnic groups.

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But knowledge is power and anyone can do business and job after learning more about it. Impacts of the Internet on Society: The society has been impacted both positively and negatively by the internet. But now it can be found on the web in a click. It is the system of interconnected computers. Online coaching is a great help for such students. Internet usage has grown rapidly over the last decade. All the information you require can be found within no time on the internet. No matter it is a simple email, pizza order, shopping or money transfer it is so much easier by the use of the Internet in life. You can do online courses and improve your writing , communication , business, and online marketing skills. Travelling to a different city no longer gives any qualms whether it is for a business tour or a leisure trip. A person who is a Data scientist and data analyst is really important for innovative decision-making. On the web, the traditional imperatives of reality vanish and there is a surprisingly wide variety of open potential outcomes.

Today, one will find that quite the opposite exists. Many have praised the benefits that the internet has brought to mankind, some even refer to the internet as a god, but can this statement be attested due to the contrary belief some people have of the internet being a curse to humanity.

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The Internet has expelled all correspondence hindrances. Generally, abuses of internet or internet abuse means the improper use of the internet. The use of computer technology in the classroom. Hackers may hack those data any may threat to reveal that information in public. There are now an estimated ten million computers in schools around the country. Another thing is that offline cash transactions often not calculated and mentioned by people such as rent. Internet is a source of vast information, simultaneously it offers numerous source of entertainment too. Today the uses of internet for the students has been very common. Many teachers give up on their profession after their marriage owing to the added responsibilities while many others do not take up teaching owing to lack of opportunity in their vicinity. How is the Internet affecting our life? Essay on Internet — For School Students Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard Essay 4 — Words The internet has become a significant part of our lives today and has made our lives so much comfortable that it is really hard to live without it.

Unlimited information and services are easily accessible. Internet offers various means of communication including email, social media platforms, web calls and messengers. Internet can be used as a boon as well as a curse.

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People all over the world are now using internet daily. Entertainment From watching movies to playing games to surfing social media — internet is a complete source of entertainment. Tools such as the Internet, Excel, Word, and Access allow students to easier research and prepare papers.

Now a student can have access to any required information on the web.

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Uses of internet in our daily life