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The Anthropocene is a term for the concept that humans have had such a profound impact on Earth that their impact will be detectable in the geological record millions of years from now.

Ideally, the plan would also be informed by our long-range vision and any future Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh capital campaign case. We support activities that use human ingenuity to adapt to a changing world.

CMNH will embrace the Anthropocene as one of its major themes going forward, using the concept as the basis for a stream of multidisciplinary research and the subject for a major topic for visitor engagement through exhibitions and programming. The vision statement of the museum describes what the organization wants to be like.

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Most organizations usually combine their vision and mission statements and together they can promote a single focus for the company. It presents and explores our new vision and mission statements see next page.

Introduction Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the most important natural history museums in the world.

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Strategic Plan