Holden caulfield an emotionally disturbed teenager in salingers novel

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Holden doesn't enjoy the company of many people, only his younger sister, Phoebe. Holden thinks the world is full of a bunch of phonies Holden 's mental instability is a direct result of the incident at Elkton Hills and is predominant during the times of Allie 's death, his summer with Jane Gallagher, his stay with Mr The American author lived in New York City and attended a Manhattan public school for most of his adolescence before attending a boarding school that he soon failed out of.

With a decent stash of money and a desperate desire to repress his depression, Holden roams around the city, meets up with old friends, strikes up conversations with new ones, drinks and smokes profusely, and hardly sleeps.

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The basis of his reasoning comes from his thoughts. Consequently, he develops a psychological condition that can easily be considered a result of his fear and critique of growing up In detail, the genre for this book would definitely be a young adult fiction.

In favorable critiques, Holden Caulfield is a good guy stuck in a bad world. Salinger] Better Essays.

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Some may believe that these are words that should be said to the protagonist of J.

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