How can we close the achievement

schools that have closed the achievement gap

More Americans with access to a college education means a stronger economy and less college debt means more money in the pockets of college graduates that they can then pump back into that economy. Young people, however, have different answers. And we don't have to go far to find that out: Ask the nearest teenager.

closing the achievement gap 2018

Bowser, who is working to improve equity and increase opportunities for black and Latino males. In fact, we give these students less of everything that we believe makes a difference. Lesson 4: Teachers Matter a Lot If students are going to be held to high standards, they need teachers who know the subjects and know how to teach the subjects.

Unlike other communities, though, they didn't stop there. Having in-classroom technology more directly impacts the graduation rate by providing customized learning experiences.

Beyond celebrating them once a year, we can honor them every day by understanding how we can create more great schools that support educators by giving them the resources and autonomy needed to be the best in their profession.

Five years ago, the gap was 33 to 44 percentage points. For the past six years, our staff at the Education Trust has worked with teachers who are trying to improve the achievement levels of their students. Nonetheless, with the tools we did have, we helped inspire a change in her behavior and a desire to pursue a career in nursing.

how to close the racial achievement gap
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What Kids Are Reading: Five Ways to Close the Achievement Gap