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The topic of art has been largely controversial dating back to Mo Tzu, and the wide dispute has only evolved over centuries Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. When critics harp on rising commercial values or restrict their analysis to social critique, they deny life to the medium, so that painting appears vampiric.

Here is one of Pollack's earlier paintings, "The Key", which he created in He often used regular house paint, because he preferred the way it flowed. The good artists in the show are very good indeed. The message is what is important.

But such a response derives from critical concepts that are projected onto the art. For the first time, unconscious feelings began to find their way into mainstream art. Both of these paintings portray a narrative relating to Van Gogh significantly as he emotionally connects to the subject in each painting.

At 46, Grotjahn is close on to a modernist master.

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But she combines this austere palette with a sensual profusion of pattern, numbing and teasing the mind like a carved wooden panel from the Alhambra.

What categorizes a masterpiece, however, is when the majority of people understand and recognize the meaning and are moved by the piece of work. Now that we have spent some time discussing abstract art, pretend that you are looking at the paintings in person, and imagine what they might make you feel:.

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Appreciating abstract art