How to write a good story pitch

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Why does this matter? Photo via Rawpixel. Now we get to the nitty-gritty of the summary body. It contains information about hundreds of newspapers, magazines and other publications such as how much they pay, how they prefer to receive queries another word for pitches and contact information.

Myall June 22, If you want to make a living writing for your favorite publications, you need to perfect your freelance writing pitch.

Format: Essay Resources I will use: KTLA5News Interviews with [all of the people you are interviewing] Like the sample above, your words or so of context should include information that backs up your opening line and helps to explain why your story is newsworthy.

If someone you know can make an introduction to the editor you want to pitch, don't be shy about asking. Will it give them the answer to a question?

how to write a good story pitch

Show that you understand both your idea and why it is suited to the publication to increase your chances of your idea getting chosen. It's also a good idea to be familiar with a given publication's editorial calendar, usually available on their website sometimes under the advertising section.

Demonstrate your writing skill by sending the completed piece.

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How to pitch story ideas: tips from journalists