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Examples: Number of new hires, number of trainings conducted, Number of new clients, Percentage increase in revenue, Number of customer issues addressed. They can also serve as the foundation for employee performance evaluations. It was named after one of the most famous experiments in industrial history. It is that time when people look at the unemployment data. The KPA functions are important for the overall performance of the organization, a specific department or a particular team. At Consultwebs we found that having clearly defined key results areas for each position helps keep team members focused and accountable. A manager who is working in a manufacturing firm would have to focus on maintaining the budget of the department, safety of the employees, coordination with different departments, training, reporting as well as introducing new technologies to improve productivity. No point in increasing profit if it leads to a falloff in service — which means reduced profit in following years! What Is KRA? Keeping your employees content significantly boosts productivity. Leaders derive their areas of focus from the key goals and strategic growth model of their company. It can be internal or external, but the bottom line is that this key area must post superior performance results to meet the strategic goals of the business. Likewise, the pass out rates of the students is the key performance indicator of a school. But, the more reasonable conclusion is just that the subject or the respondent was paying much more attention to "Lion" the second week, after it was called to their attention. If the rate is on the higher side, it is a good sign.

KRA is also applicable to individual employee job specifications. KPAs are functions and activities associated with a particular job role, but they may not be a critical aspect of the job. So, KRAs could be vary from organisation to organisation and from one work profile to another.

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It involves a healthy growth rate and improving your margins. People who are not interested in working or getting some sort of employment are not included in the participation rate, but to understand the unemployment data better, participation rate is considered carefully.

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Any discrepancy or gap is then fed back into changing the inputs, so as to achieve the desired objectives. While most managers are aware of job responsibilities of their teams, they find it difficult to shape it in a written form. As a leader, your Key Result Areas serve as the critical success factors for your company.

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KRA and KPA Are the Way to Go