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Peoples might state that they are merely making these for themselves.

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We practice openness and honesty in all our business transactions. Smile Dental Center at Podium Mall told this writer that one of the social problems of Philippine society is the large proportion of urban and rural poor who do not have adequate dental hygiene practices and basic dental care services. Natural capitalist economy is a system of four complecting rules. In this way, it does not damage the environment and human beings. However, in , these companies began using laminated tubes and left Dr. Second, it provides employment to Filipinos, especially to those who are not likely to be employed, and it gives chance to others to be employed in the future by giving them education. He started out in the s as an aluminum toothpaste tubes manufacturer to the multinational firms. Natural Capitalism Natural capital refers to the resources and services provided by nature. Get Essay One of those corporations is the Lamoiyan Corporation. And after their education, those beneficiaries can stand on their own even without the help of the company.

Pedro has supported the international nongovernmental organization NGO Operation Smile Philippines to care for children afflicted with oral cleft. There are so many challenges and difficulties in this world but it really depends on how you look at life. Humble beginnings of a well-loved Philippine brand Like Jollibee in fast food and Bench in fashion, Hapee has become a progressive homegrown Filipino brand competing directly with top multinational brands.

The toothpaste manufacturer has a very good corporate social responsibility.

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People might say that they are just doing these for themselves, for their business not to close, for them to save money on conserving electricity and water, etc. Since Lamoiyan Corporation is just and equal to everyone. Lamoiyan Corporation is also fair in giving salaries and benefits to its employees.

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We are committed to doing things right in all our endeavors. Lamoiyan Corporation recognizes basic human rights like Article VII of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states: All are equal before the jurisprudence and are entitled without any favoritism to equal protection of the jurisprudence.

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Lamoiyan Corporation: Building the Filipinos Essay Example