Logistics in pharma sector

Since business is highly competitive today, success largely depends upon the efficiency of supply chain.

transportation of pharmaceuticals

The medical and the pharmaceutical devices manufacturers have to deal with different challenges, and the biggest one is compliance. Different configurations of shippers including a highend vacuum panel shipper, standard Styrofoam shipper and cryoshipper were shipped both domestically and internationally.

Distribution models for increasing the efficiency of the logistics networks providing freight forwarding for the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast, expectations have further brightened up for various emerging markets - especially China and Eastern Europe.

transportation in pharmaceutical industry

This is because, operational performance could be directly linked to logistics costs, while inventory reduction and the demand to decrease order cycle time are related to just-in-time deliveries and supply chain speed.

The member companies of the European Network for transportation devote great attention to the storage models offered, in order to ensure the supply of sufficient quantities to the storages throughout Europe at short notice. We believe that our success is based on an appropriate management and personal attention.

Pharmaceutical logistics definition

When extending the scope to the year , the respondents do not leave any doubt that the outsourcing trend in logistics will continue. Value added tax, consolidation of pharmaceutical companies and emergence of pharmaceutical retail chains are some the factors that are driving the changes in the distribution cycle. For example, changes in lots of reagents for bioanalytical analysis requires a complex lot bridging process that is designed to ensure that the performance characteristics of an assay are not being confounded by changing the reagents themselves Dimeglio, The second model has two levels of storage. We have partners in the whole of Europe and we can consolidate your cargo in depots strategically located in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Madrid and Barcelona. In a one-week period between January and February, more than 20 executives from globally active pharmaceutical companies based in 16 countries and spread over four continents participated in the online survey. Upcoming Events. Regarding the integration with commercial strategy, there is even more room for optimization. The transportation of medicines is subject to regulation, making the process more painful. An area we believe could show a strong gain in is demand forecasting. While proposals for basic standards have been brought forward, consensus throughout the industry regarding best practices or even the importance of logistics validation has yet to be reached Suhong Li,
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Transport and logistics for the pharmaceutical industry