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Meditech solutions

Management has also a social sciences connotation like psychology and sociology when human resources must be managed to achieve some particular objectives. Another problem of Meditech is communication. The company's distribution operation is arranged and managed from a central storage warehouse that ships its products to domestic and international affiliates. In the health care industry, poor delivery service is a serious issue. Development Chain In Meditech it seems that activities and processes associated with new products introduction are not being coordinated with the main supply chain. With every product launch, pushing the product into the market becomes the primary consideration of the sales force thereby neglecting customer service for older products. Customer service ensures deliveries schedules are followed through and is the first contact for customers to advise of any possible issues or complaints. First of all, I would work on improving the forecast system. Every new product launch requires a lead time of around weeks excluding design phase lead time which is very high. What is driving these problems, both systemically and organizationally? As a result of this situation, the company faces shortage at the beginning of introduction, product cannot be delivered at the agreed time, back orders accumulate and lead times increases. Level of inventory vs.

With a strategy based on innovation and product development, also response to demand changes and patterns must be considered. And lastly, it would have being really nice to have latest or innovative IT system, so they could have more convenient ways for order online ordersupply and delivery the product.

The company is not matching demand with production in a consistent way. For example, a risk taking manager who has three possible choses may choose the one with more risk while other manager will choose other alternative. These issues affect not only sales but also the reputation of the organization, which causes the organizations status in the market to diminish.

In the introduction month month 0demand increases overpassing the planned production and creating the matching problem. Words:Paragraphs: 26, Pages: 6 Publication date: April 23, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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Moreover, if it is necessary to modify the assembly schedule because of changes in demand, the change is possible only after a week. The decisions made in the development chain have an impact in the supply chain. This panic ordering also, made hard to come up with accurate forecasting.

Meditech modules

Moreover, the information to have accurate forecast had not been tracked or kept in the system, which makes forecasting more hard to obtain and time consuming. Qualitative factors that have been identified as critical success drivers for a new product launch are time-to-market relative to competition or product diffusion. With improvements in forecasting it would be much cheaper and more efficient with the introduction of new products to stock finished goods inventory based on projected forecasts. Level of inventory vs. To achieve a better supply strategy, the push-pull boundary must be moved. As a result, representatives work in direct contact with hospita3l personnel, like in the next scheme. Although high inventory levels are high, service levels are low failing to meet the organizations objectives.
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