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An explanation that includes a definition of mentoring and at least 3 purposes Mentoring is defined as an informal transference of knowledge between an expert and a neophyte. Medical Education; 36 4 pp The healthcare and nursing fields are in dire need of mentorships to help bolster the advancement of their line of work.

In fact, unlike previous research, I found that students who were non-URM and were not matched to their mentor expressed less civic engagement after 6 weeks of mentoring than they had prior to mentoring This feedback is important in discovering deficiencies in reputation or credibility, and making adjustments for them, or reinforcing any positive actions that have built these two traits.

I am enjoying mentoring and my mentees enjoy and look forward to seeing me.

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Our overall focus is mentoring! The key objective is to enrich both the mentor and mentee through the exchange of personal experiences, wisdom, guidance, and understanding.

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