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Materially it is an area of density silver halide crystals that have been blackened by light that holds back that light in projection, so is in a sense a refusal or interruption thereof, while at the level of the image it is, paradoxically, a representation of the relative absence of light, i.

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Cigarette smoke, both frontally lit white and silhouetted black and an alarm clock, interspersed with repeated sexually explicit shots in negative, are rhythmically permutated. By contrast, Passage Through is surely the most austere and unusual film to be made by Brakhage, or indeed anyone else.

Pakistan and India mainly! A similar reversal also occurs when the windows seen from the outside in the opening shot are seen from the inside, before the protagonist desperately lowers the blinds on them.

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Rather, Brakhage is constantly working black in different ways —formal, semantic, phenomenal, metaphorical- to diversify and expand its possibilities. He has recorded improvisations based on it several times using a variety of similar titles, in solo and collaborative versions of differing lengths. There is, on the other hand, just enough visual material to secure its being as a film, assured by the presence of the very few, tantalisingly short shots dispersed throughout. Black consistently dominates the image, immediately enveloping the momentary light flashes, so that rather than functioning as part of a differentiated pattern made from a range of grey tones, as it would in a negative of a conventional image, black and white are in battle. More precisely, it defines an area where there would be visible things had there been enough light when the image was made. Thanks Netgalley. Here are the first of the many cinematic antinomies that are dissolved in the film, between the pro-filmic and the apparatus, between conventionally wanted and unwanted optical phenomena. A truly black black, one that would absorb almost all of the light cast upon it, exists.

Not one of my friends even has a thesis yet and neither do I. The colours in Roman VI are green, orange and pale red: not pink, but a de-saturated red.

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Roman Numeral 1 There is another way that black frames work, which contrasts with the examples given in the foregoing paragraph. For me this was perfect. The young protagonist lurches around inside the house and we see, inter alia, a framing with a black wine bottle on a table on the left side of the frame, his shadowed face on the other, thus a graphic presentation of two strongly contrasting forms of black.

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Black is never simply or only a pause. The film is notable for the way in which what is thematically an explicit film about young love is rendered in so highly an abstract way. This technical fact results in a visible flash when the film is viewed at normal speed, but the insertion of a black frame increases the contrast between the light and adjacent frames. A simple and economical way to avoid this is to insert a frame of clear film between the two shots, which becomes black when the negative is printed. Then items. I've never read a book on the subject that doesn't bring in War of the Worlds as a cultural marker - but I can't remember any waxing lyrical on the subject of Captain Scarlet, a series from the makers of Thunderbirds which I loved as a child though I had forgotten the Martian aspect until Jenner reminded me. Here it seems black is the product of a technical procedure, conjured into being as the lens aperture is closed. For most of the time, Passage Through does not require memory function, since there is almost nothing to remember, on account of the limited and repetitive nature of the material. He has recorded improvisations based on it several times using a variety of similar titles, in solo and collaborative versions of differing lengths. The woman knows her space and her enthusiasm for the subject comes across loud and clear. It is hard to work out what this might mean, however, at least in considering it at the level of sound-image relations in terms of synchronization. Furthermore, opaque colours tend to look flat, that is, non-shiny and so relatively homogeneous think of Vantablack, which is absolutely homogeneous because wholly non-reflective. Well rounded look at the mysterious red planet that doesn't follow rules whether it comes to its size should be larger if you think about it in comparison to other planets in order , color rust rust baby , moons potato shaped and so very different from our moon and each other and so on.

Collective procrastination? Because the longer shots are often very similar to each other, the black frame serves to indicate the end of one shot and the start of the next by a clear and emphatic, albeit momentary, pause.

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