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NOVA First Man on the Moon presents an intimate portrait of Armstrong through interviews with his family and friends, many of whom have never spoken publicly before.

The Steelers now have two conference losses and a divisional loss and a tie.

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Ultimately, Cooter and Matt Patricia didn't have to answer many questions about their inability to get Johnson more touches because Patricia was too busy explaining why he left his base defense in the game during a Cowboys two-minute drill. They aren't good, but with the Cardinals and 49ers poised to crater, the Seahawks could ride wins like these into the wild-card picture. From there, the Patriots simply controlled the clock 40 carries, rushing yards while the Dolphins fumbled snaps and played like they disbelieved their start as much as everyone else did. I had never been on the radio and on my first day I had to read the noon news! That sounds like reasonable production to expect for even an up-and-down quarterback for the rest of the season in this offense. Children ARC. The Saints—who could easily just shrug their shoulders and ask Drew Brees to throw 60 passes each week—have used fake punts and Taysom Hill Wildcat wrinkles to lift them past the Falcons and Giants. Unfortunately for anyone hoping Ryan Tannehill would duplicate Blake Bortles' four-touchdown masterpiece against the Patriots defense, Gore caught that touchdown pass from Brock Osweiler. It was the most touchdown passes by a Bears quarterback in a single game since Sid Luckman threw seven in Trubisky faced a Buccaneers team who upset the Saints and Eagles to start the season but played on Sunday like it was on the road coming off a Monday night loss and facing a quarterback controversy—and also may never have stepped on a football field before. Photo: Inky Dinky Worldwide Inc. Unlike last week against the Giants, the pass-rushing dominance was enough to eventually and with great difficulty spur a Texans victory.

The Titans defense played fast and aggressive, and the offense fought for every available yard. Hill threw a yard pass on a fake punt, attempted another pass, rushed four times for 28 yards on Wildcats and misdirection plays, caught a pass for a loss of four and returned kicks.

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In other words, the Chiefs are usually who we think they are pinball-machine offense, leaky defensewhile the Broncos have a habit of fooling us with some early-season wins before fading.

Save the dates! But this is all just gimmickry with no business in the NFL that will soon be exposed and stymied, so why bother even trying it once in a while? The Lions committed eight penalties, many of them pre-snap.

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Tune in for live performances in-studio and on air during In the Moment with local and regional artists. Oops, too late. Trubisky added 53 yards on three rushes, but he did most of his damage finding wide-open receivers, backs and tight ends streaking up the sideline. The Cardinals are now reaching the over this season, the Seahawks Listeners are genuinely interested in our original material. Ugly wins still count The Bengals, Chargers and Cowboys aren't great teams. Don't overthink this one. Ask Me Another Test your wits in this lively quiz show. What's next Speaking of mid-tier teams, the Steelers host the Falcons next week before traveling to Cincinnati in a pair of games that could combine to go over points. But that's the fundamental problem faced by most rookie quarterbacks: The best of them usually end up with the worst teams. If they don't find some semblance of consistency, they will lose to all of the best teams on the late-season schedule Jaguars, Patriots, Saints while coughing up enough upcoming games to mid-tier teams to leave them on the outside of the playoff picture. Johnson later plowed through defenders for an eight-yard touchdown to help cut the Lions' deficit to

The Buccaneers hid their defensive and rushing deficiencies with long bombs and opponents' mistakes for two weeks.

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