Online journalism internet and issues in

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So the government experimented with a more desperate measure: the arrest of diasporan citizen journalists who traveled to Nigeria. Traditional journalists are predictably jealous of the diasporan citizen journalists and have sought for creative ways to undercut their growing influence.

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Following the renewed enthusiasm and faith in electoral politics that the appointment of respected academic Attahiru Jega as chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission generated in the country, scores of citizen media initiatives were set up to monitor and safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.

On the other hand, some innovative production procedures have resulted in many shifts and changes in editorial practices. On the other hand, the attention media audiences pay to specific content projects itself into economic imperatives related to the press and thus create a secondary media market advertising market.

Online journalism internet and issues in

The News breed: British journalists in the s. However, in time, it attracted Internet trolls who turned the forum into avenues for throwing caustic vitriol not only at the writers, editors, and reporters of the paper but also at other Nigerian ethnic groups. Matheson, D. Dozens of Web-based citizen initiatives quickly sprouted. Once again it is necessary to stress out that the Internet has brought a significant breakthrough in terms of accessing information. It is also about a shift in the balance of power between news providers and news consumers. Contemporary journalism needs to implement innovations very quickly; online versions of the press and mobile applications have to closely watch all emerging trends in digital communication in order to maintain their competitiveness. Photos and videos now make it easier than ever to capture historical events; however, those same programs that allow us to snap photos and share them in just a few minutes also allow for those photos to be altered and manipulated in a relatively short amount of time. However, it is still very important to offer added value of the published news in relation to the reader—this added value decides whether a specific contribution will be discussed further or not. It is quite obvious that each new medium has, at least to a certain extent, adopted and modified previously existing genres in order to expand its own possibilities of processing and disseminating information. Suggestions for Descriptive and Normative Analysis of Online Newsmedia To end this brief essay on issues in research into online journalism and journalists, let me provide some remarks on the content of online news ventures. This group encouraged citizen reporters to chronicle, if possible through phone cameras, instances where police officers were complicit in electoral fraud.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, the agency that conducts elections in Nigeria, also dissociated itself from the directive. Typically, in moments of political crisis, the most popular diasporan websites, such as Sahara Reporters, almost always shut down because of high volume of traffic Kperogi The Center for New Media of the Columbia School for Journalism is offering students opportunities to graduate as fully fledged online journalists, an effort which is also on the way at the Tilburg School for Journalism in the Netherlands.

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(PDF) The Evolution and Challenges of Online Journalism in Nigeria