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The advent of farming encouraged hunter-gatherers to abandon nomadic lifestyles and settle near others who lived by agricultural production.

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Urban sprawl entails the growth of a city into low-density and auto-dependent rural land, high segregation of land use e. What is Urban Growth. This is frequently a problem in peri-urban areas, which are convenient for dumping wastes because of the availability of open space and ease of access from central urban areas.

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Urbanization and the Development of Cities The Earliest Cities Early cities arose in a number of regions, and are thought to have developed for reasons of agricultural productivity and economic scale. Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies.

The increase of food waste can raise environmental concerns such as increase production of methane gases and attraction of disease vectors. During the European Middle Ages, a town was as much a political entity as a collection of houses. Economically, urbanization drives up prices, especially real estate, which can force original residents to move to less-desirable neighborhoods.

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Urban dwellers tend to have fewer children due to improved economic prospects, increase in prenatal, postnatal and maternal healthcare, and female emancipation being stronger in urban than rural areas.

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