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These innovative strategies looked to redefine the role and the function of the police towards crime prevention and crime reduction Weisburd and Braga, There will always be officers that do not follow the ethical standards that a police department needs.

Notwithstanding, digital evidence is commonly associated with crimes that involve such devices, such as a computer hard drives, external storage devices, mobile phones, among others, and are often referred to as e-crimes.

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As such, criminal investigation revolves around three particular questions: 1. When I am talking about a backdoor, I do not mean the door that is at the back of the house. This is where instituting mandatory cultural competency training comes into play. In order for a police to be effective in the community, this officer must be able to possess skills needed to work together with the community to solve problems. Different law enforcement agencies have their own ways of implementing diversity in their practices and procedures, some of them are better than others, but with issues that happen today it is important that they do something. With the growth of society, the outcry to reduce crime, law enforcement agencies have taken decisive measures to minimize crime, and in doing so, turned to the scientific community for assistance, and technical support. Kelling and Moore stated that the main function of the police during the reform era was crime control. Many operations run by organized crime groups and law enforcement organizations require the use of some type of technology.

Every person has his or her own opinion about law enforcement. After the person is arrested is when they question the person about the time, place, and the reason for the arrest. The local residents know the truly crime-ridden areas of each district.

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The results of their jobs do not only depend on their actions but also on the people. Their main responsibility is to protect our communities.

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It has also caused law enforcement organizations to evolve and use a variety of techniques and methods to effectively combat organized crime groups.

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