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India has a number of robust laws to deal with corruption — the most publicised one being the Right to Information Act RTIwhich enables citizens the right to seek information from any government agency.

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The government generally adopts a positive attitude towards foreign direct investment FDIand intends to push through a series of economic reform measures across sectors.

Labour rates are likely to be competitive compared with regional neighbours.

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In addition, demonetisation should improve budget revenues by reducing the weight of the informal economy. This is the first time in 30 years a single party has won an outright majority. InPrime Minister Narendra Modi continued his programme of reforms aimed at consolidating public accounts, promoting investment and industrial development and improving the business climate.

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Given the sensitivity of the situation, the state government has yet to provide a timeline for the commencement of construction. With the society becoming wealthier and tax reforms taking place, the revenues are expected to boost and also relieve the fiscal pressure on the government. In the report authored by India economist Sonal Varma and others, the investment bank said that an early general election in the fourth quarter of instead of the scheduled second quarter of cannot be ruled out. Overall risk scores are calculated as equally weighted averages of the six aggregate categories — Political, Economic, Legal, Taxation, Operational and Security. Nevertheless, risks related to social stability affect the score. The Modi government has busied itself with incremental reforms. Nevertheless, fiscal consolidation efforts will be hindered by higher energy prices, as India remains a net importer of oil and subsidises this commodity. This means that cases can run for five years or more. But it is important to note that there is a great risk of corruption, specifically at local levels and thus the government needs to ensure effective and stringent means of implementation to avoid this critical risk. The December Gujarat state assembly elections indicated that while the BJP still enjoyed support among urban voters, it lost many seats in rural areas. The government also has to deal effectively with insurgencies in the volatile north-east, and militant communist groups in the eastern states. Internationally, India has diversified its export markets through regional Free Trade Agreements.

More remarkably, the BJP became the first non-Congress party to achieve this feat. Following this victory, BJP and its allies now govern 21 of India's 29 states.

Related Papers. British companies, whatever their size, may be subject to cyber attacks.

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Following the demonetization and implementation of the Goods and Services Tax, India's GDP outlook for fiscal year is pegged at a 7. The statute of limitations is three years from the due date of an invoice. Population: 1,, July est. Protective Security Advice Read the information provided on our Protective security advice page.

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