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There are plenty of people who never expected or thought they would ever become incarcerated.

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It is important to note that upholding criminal rights does not mean that the criminal justice is intimidating. I was attacked by a girl with a gun. Fromthe prison has been holding prisoners who have been suspected of being terrorists or having ties to terrorists.

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So, feeling attention at such a basic level and some independence, criminals will have less reason to riot and break the rules. They also help to ensure that the punishment fits the crime. Order similar paper We all are prisoners to some extent.

Although I feel the overall social behavior of the inmates has improved from that of the past, issues of overcrowding and racial diversity can still cause for a negative social environment.

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A person may have been robbed once before, and now has a biased toward anyone that has committed a crime, regardless of their motivation to commit the offense. Mostly, people feel as if prisoners deserve unfair treatment. The treatment of these inmates come into question; especially when most facilities and prisons are overcrowded, receiving more mentally ill prisoners, and female incarceration is on the rise.

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