Should the legal drinking age be increased to 21 essay

These two factors give a justification for government intervention to deal with some issues related to alcohol.

Should the legal drinking age be increased to 21 essay

The responsibility for what goes on in that house is the parent's, not the child's Hosking E6. Some argue that before we consider changing the laws on age of access, we should focus on resourcing more effective enforcement of, and other strategies to ensure compliance with, the existing laws.

legal drinking age argumentative essay

From the studies I provided, you can easily see that in the early 80's when the drinking age was 18, there was far more deaths and accidents among young people. Evidence has also emerged over the past couple of years about the impact of alcohol on the developing brains of young people.

why the drinking age should not be lowered statistics

In the US the legal drinking age is If a nineteen year old has the ability to help choose who runs our country, why not also allow them to drink alcohol? Should the drinking age be raised?

Benefits of raising drinking age to 21

New laws should also be brought in that will ease a change over to younger drinking if that should occur. A natural experiment Quality research from the United States, New Zealand and Australia provides compelling evidence that if we increase the legal purchase age for alcohol, we will reduce alcohol-related problems among young people. The earlier people start drinking, the more likely that they will be addicted later in life. For example, a year-old may not be able to get away with drinking in a pub any more. Drinking among those under the age of 25 is a public health problem. Place of publication not identified: Rarebooksclub Com. BBC News proved that the UK has one of the worst problems in Europe, with a fifth of children aged eleven to fifteen drinking at least once per week. Studies also reveal that early drinking results in poor performance on tests of memory, attention, and spatial skills. Who will answer the call of the lost? If the age is 18, it is much easier for a 16 or year-old to get away with drinking alcohol.
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Argument for Raising the Legal Age of Drinking to 21