Smeda business plans for youth loan in pakistan

However, it is not necessary to develop a project on these pre-feasibilities. To date, the SMEDA website has recorded more than 8, downloads of the published pre-feasibility reports. These pre-feasibility studies provide a general understanding of the proposed business, and are structured like a business plan.

Business incubators are set up by universities, non-profit groups, and increasingly by venture capitalists, especially for new businesses. It is clarified that the objective of a pre-feasibility is primarily to facilitate potential entrepreneurs in developing an understanding on various aspects of a particular business, such as start-up and production costs, marketing, finance, management etc.

Therefore, the pre-feasibility serves as a useful guide for loan applicants. Therefore, the actual loan size of each applicant, even in the same business would vary from location to location and the size of the business planned. In fact, 2.

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Additionally in case of an average loan disbursement of Rs1 million, the total number of loan beneficiaries would beThe SMEDA pre-feasibility studies have been developed, keeping in view the growth potential, indigenous strength and market demand in key business sectors, to spur greater economic activity across all regions of Pakistan.

Even if all loan beneficiaries are disbursed the maximum amount of Rs2 million, the number of loan beneficiaries would be 50, instead ofas reported.

Business Incubators NIP shall create an incubator that would allow creation of start-ups with a strong hand holding to guide the youth through the process of starting business.

The assessment of the scribe in terms of maximum possible beneficiaries to be 5, is erroneous. For instance, the cost of opening a boutique shop on a high street in a metropolitan city like Karachi, would vary from that of one being set-up in a smaller town. In fact the cost of setting up a business within the city also varies.

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