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Please try again. It was reported that smoking gives feelings of pleasure and relieves tensions. Smoking is relatively costly and tobacco products continue to increase in price.

I was afraid of quitting and the terrible feelings of withdrawal from nicotine. What are your concerns? We found few pronounced differences in perceived pros and cons between current and former smokers and no differences between participants of high and low SES.

Health In those days [when I smoked], when I had a cold, I sometimes had a cough for over four, five weeks. However, participants reported pros and cons in all four perspectives, emphasising the importance and diversity of this theme. I know that quitting is a learning experience. Fact checked by Honor Whiteman The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published one of the largest reports to have ever investigated the effects of electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine Tob Res.

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The arguments in this category were about gaining weight after quitting and an often accompanying change in diet. Anxiety from the fear about what I was doing to myself and the consequences.

That feeling I'd get when I needed another fix.

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