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Try someone new. Following the results of the Index, Julian Stanley, CEO of Education Support Partnership, is adamant that the stress epidemic and rise in poor mental health across the education workforce be addressed and is calling for the introduction of the following measures: Mandatory provision of personal mental health and wellbeing guidance within Initial Teaching Training Regulators to prioritise staff wellbeing in their assessments and measure this against an evidenced based framework Statutory annual staff surveys in all schools and colleges; with senior leaders acting on the issues identified in an open and transparent way Increased awareness, knowledge and signposting to external support services Access to an employee assistance programme for all staff in schools and colleges Access to facilitated peer support programmes for all senior leaders in schools and colleges.

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The five ways to wellbeing Often, life events that are outside our control can damage our mental health, and this is made worse if we feel powerless to do anything about them. Across your school Organise five ways to wellbeing assemblies Work with pupils to create whole-school or year group assemblies to share the importance of looking after our mental health across the whole school.

While this might partially be explained by the stigma around mental health, we do know that there is a shortage of mental health workers.

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Talk to a trusted friend or colleague and seek advice from your GP if necessary. But by turning the role into an unmanageable task or failing to make wellbeing a priority in schools we risk alienating those with the passion and skill to succeed. Miller DF, Wiltse J. All of us want to work in a workplace where the risks to our mental health are managed and there are protective factors. The stress of teaching Stress and emotional exhaustion levels in classrooms are high as teachers grapple with growing workloads and difficult behaviour from students and parents. A mentoring or buddy system could also be implemented— with this being especially useful for new members of staff, a high-risk group for mental health problems. Listen As teachers, you have a unique relationship with young people and as such are often privy to, or made aware of, when young people are going through a tough time emotionally. It was a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a semi-automatic from the movie, the Terminator. Then they partnered with the American Federation of Teachers to do a national study of teacher working conditions around issues like stress, work-life balance, respect, and more. Related resources. Plus, why teacher depression and anxiety are so common and a look at whether or not teachers should take mental health days. This information will: provide key messages in how to look after yourself and your students list key signs to look out for in your classroom. From April to September there have been callers. We hope you share this article widely, giving support and love to your fellow educators.

Being aware of your thinking habits can also help — learning how to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts is a good way to manage your mental health.

It is important that measures be identified to help teachers with emotional problems.

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Growing economic disparity, declining mental health in students, dwindling classroom resources and complicated class compositions are a few that you may have thought about.

Related resources. I am grateful my life has brought me the opportunity to visit hundreds of schools and meet thousands of teachers. What tips do you have for addressing teacher mental health?

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Next steps If you do have concerns for the welfare of a student then don't be afraid to raise your concerns with them.

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Why teacher mental health matters and how to improve it