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He cruelly appraises the comeliness and insignificance of his sister as his accompanying servant to Africa, while she tends to his perspiring forehead: Not comely among the maidens, but she too can be a servant in the House of the Lord.

You've never tried it.

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Ultimately, rubber leeches were placed on Bogart, and a close-up of a real leech was shot on the breeder's chest. You can hit it with a hammer and it won't go off - at least I don't think it will. Way it sounds, you'd think I had a hyena inside me Even for such as she, God has a goodly purpose. We could stay here for months if we wanted to. Rose: Is it dangerous? Charlie: Well, yes, Miss, in a dugout canoe. Charlie: How's that, Miss? Most of the cast and crew were sick for much of the filming.

Berlin's film trade union requested that he African Queen be withdrawn from the Berlin Film Festival because of its "anti-German tendencies". The only question is which way will they come.

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Rose: unperturbed But all those things, those gyroscopes and things, they're only to make it go, aren't they? To show her disgust with the amount of alcohol that John Huston and Humphrey Bogart consumed during filming, Katharine Hepburn drank only water.

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You've never tried it. You don't really know what you're askin'. When the grizzled Charlie returns the day of his death, he learns that Rose's village has been devastated and that her brother has expired "They didn't shoot him, Mr. Defensive and corrective, Rose is faithful and confident that they will be safe: Charlie: What harm could anyone do the Germans in this god-forsaken place? Bogart was the only one to win - the film's sole Oscar. What are these long, round, torpedo-like things? A distraught Rose helplessly watches as her shattered, fragile older brother deliriously suffers a fever and nervous breakdown. We could, what do you call it, get a good head of steam up, and then point the launch toward a ship and just before she hits, we could dive off. Inside the mission church, stuffy English missionary Rev. These scenes were considered too dangerous to shoot in Africa. In hindsight, Bogart's award his sole career Oscar was probably consolation for the oversight he experienced three years earlier when he wasn't even nominated for one of his best roles as Fred C. But her brother believes "a good shepherd doesn't desert his flock when the wolves are prowling.

He dies shortly afterwards off-screen one morning. I mean, wasn't that your position at the mine?

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Rose: Mr. You set fire to it and it just burns. You can get it wet and it don't do it any harm. Actor-director Clint Eastwood also chronicled the making of the film in White Hunter, Black Heart , basing it on Peter Viertel's account of his experiences making the film and working on James Agee's script with John Huston. In spite of Hepburn's wonderful playing, and some engaging scenes, the film must be accounted a misfire. All of the foreground plates for the process shots were also done in studio. Charlie objects to her hair-brained, suicidal scheme: Charlie: There's only one little thing wrong with your idea. There, they loaded everything onto boats and sailed another 2. Interior and water-tank scenes were filmed in London, as were most of the scenes containing secondary characters. The real prize and goal of their water journey down the Ulonga-Bora, other than the destruction of a German boat, is to overcome the various psychological obstacles that stand between them. Yeah, go and hit what it's aimed at. He believes they have plenty of supplies to last a long while: Charlie: So far so good. Most of the action takes place aboard a boat — the African Queen of the title — and scenes on board the boat were filmed using a large raft with a mockup of the boat on top. Some changes were made before the film was completed. He dies shortly afterwards off-screen one morning.

Allnut, but they may as well have done". Inside the mission church, stuffy English missionary Rev. Rose: If a German did it, we can do it, too. You can get it wet and it don't do it any harm.

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Charlie: Oh, no offense, Miss. Rose: Mr.

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