The cause of happiness

what is happiness

Is it being close to God? Similarly, happiness and sadness, neither of them are permanent.

what leads to happiness

This study seems to confirm what Buddhists, sages and saints have long taught — That an unruly mind creates unhappiness and dysfunction and that the keys to happiness lay in mastering the mind not in changing external factors in our lives.

Leading positive psychologist Martin Seligman suggests that happiness itself is a scientifically unwieldy term. Every night he thinks about his loneliness and about his unpaid bills.

causes of unhappiness

Csikszentmihalyi, often called the grandfather of positive psychology, found that our happiest moments are when we are in the state of flow. Creative people often get into this state when painting, writing or sculpting. Happiness actually comes from within and you are the sole person in charge of how you choose to feel.

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Research Reveals the True Causes of Happiness and Unhappiness