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Cole continued to produce scenic American subjects, but even in those his aims were aggrandized by the historical and religious preoccupations of his mature career.

You are already subscribed to this email. The Hudson River School origins date back to these romantic and nationalism ages of America.

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Thomas Cole's works, like The Subsiding of the Waters of the Delugeinspired his contemporaries as well as future American artists. However, a new American school of landscape painting was about to emerge along with a new form of public entertainment — the art museum.

Painters like Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church became celebrities in their own right — continuing the style popularized by Cole and his contemporaries.

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The social and political climate in the 19th century America was colored by rapid industrialization, densification of rail and a telegraph network, California Gold Rush, the influx of immigrants and, of course, slavery. This trend coincided with the proliferation of tourist resorts both inland and on the coast during the Civil War periodalong with the refinement of the vacation experience—increasingly pursued to relieve the pressures of urban workaday life.

Here, he painted many of his Hudson River School works of art, eventually marrying the niece of Cedar Grove's owner and relocating to the area permanently. The Hudson River School painters were led by the belief that nature, in the form of the American landscape, was a Godly manifestation, although their religious convictions differed.

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Thomas Cole's Living Legacy The Hudson River School style of painting continued in popularity from to and became one the most cherished periods of American art. The painters of this school were criticized by later groups of artists for overstatement and anthropocentrism, especially by the Pre-Raphaelites. If you have a painting on the wall of your home today, it may be because of the influence of a group of painters known as the Hudson River artists. His ideas spread far and wide especially as tourist resorts proliferation both inland and the coastal areas during the Civil War period and the newly refined vacation experience meant to relieve the pressure of the urban workers. You are already subscribed to this email. Thus, as foreigners looked on in amazement, the Hudson River artists left European tastes behind and began to paint the magical beauty and awesome power of nature in America with extraordinary success. Here, Cole found the vibrant colors of fall in the Catskills inspiring when compared to the bleak autumnal landscape of his native England. Their paintings were mostly produced within the Hudson River Valley and the surrounding area, including the Catskill, Adirondack, and the White Mountains, while the later generation depicted the bewildering beauty of the American West as well. Enjoy touring through history and museums celebrating the Catskills rich artistic heritage. It was promoted as a single-picture attraction—i. The appeal of figure painting grew somewhat at the expense of landscape, but the face of landscape painting itself altered with the influence of the softer, more intimate French Barbizon style first adapted to American scenery by George Inness — Gifford was not alone. The movement embodied an idealized wilderness, consequently planting the seeds of conservation that would lead to the federal protection of wild spaces — our National Parks.

The artists of the Hudson River School were influenced less by European artists than by American artists and writers.

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