The importance of social groups for new mothers

The importance of social groups for new mothers

However, a few hours before they depart for the airport, their passport and all their money is suddenly missing. MORE: How to recognise postnatal depression Joining a group while your child is a baby could also have long-lasting social benefits.

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I would never equate running marathons to the trials of motherhood, but the lesson above applies just the same: If you want your dream to flourish and reach its maximum potential, then you need to pursue it with optimism and give it the nurturing it needs to grow while keeping unhelpful stress at bay.

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It turns out, there may be one key difference between these two moms that affected not only their happiness and outlook on life, but the way their children will grow up and experience the world. Having fixed dates, like a weekly mothers' group, in your social calendar can help you and your baby to get into a routine together.

Anxious now to be home I gazed out of the window, the stare of the elderly ladies still on my mind.

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This Study Of New Mothers Reveals The Importance of Community