The practical effect of computer in

But to my surprise, I found out a number of practical effects masters were not anti-CG at all. Jump to navigation Jump to search "Physical effects" redirects here.

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One reason why many fans have been so anti-CGI is we grew up during the golden age of practical effects, and hold a certain nostalgia for those types of visuals.

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The practical effect of computer in

He did, and it was awesome. When Cunningham went to work with Phil Tippett on Starship Troopers, he was very surprised to learn that the master of stop-motion effects was going to be working in CG.

For sceneries that are only used for a few seconds in a film, CGI could be the perfect solution to create a realistic landscape that requires much less time than a the structure and engineering that goes into creating a physical space.

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I was elated and sad at the same time.

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