The red shoes

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Yet her amputated feet, still in the red shoes, dance before her, barring the way. In the meantime, Vicky and Julian have fallen in love, but keep their relationship secret from Lermontov.

Vicky Page is his opposite: Joyous and open to life. But what draws me to the film, and moves me so much, is that it is an artwork about art. When I rediscovered the film in my 30s, that central section had lost none of its power to disturb.

Gene Kelly screened the film multiple times for the producers of An American in Parisas he persuaded them to let him include a ballet sequence in the film.

Later, Vicky dances with Ballet Rambert in a matinee performance of Swan Lake at the Mercury Theatre, Notting Hill Gatein a production with a company led by Marie Rambert who appears in the film as herself in a wordless cameo.

She attempts to return home to her mother, but the red shoes, controlled by the Shoemaker, keep her dancing. The Red Shoes ballet is a resounding success and Lermontov revitalizes the company's repertoire with Vicky in the lead roles and Julian tasked with composing new scores.

The motives of the ballerina and her lover are transparent. It is something he aptly can ask only when she is finally slipping away from this world. He simultaneously employs an up-and-coming new composer to his company too, Julian Craster Marius Goring.

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They abruptly disappear, leaving her alone. At one point a girl almost dances herself to death.

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The Red Shoes (fairy tale)