Thesis on wifi security

what concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks

However, these tests where purely experimental and no easy-to-use tools were available to the public at the time. If the WPA is appropriately implemented and sufficiently managed, it will be a very strong security and highly difficult task ofbreaking; especially with the implementation of the AES-CCMP, whichis the most secure wireless network configuration in use today.

The Station encrypts this text with the WEP secret key, sends it back to the AP which decrypts the text, checks if it is the correct one and then grants access to the network.

security in wireless networks pdf

Throughout this time, institutions used VPNs as an alternative security solution to secure their wireless networks Dowt, According to Alikira, a network administrator KIU, WEP is easy to configure and also provides an option that does not require the client to even login and it is supported by most wireless devices and routers unlike WPA and WPA2 which are new and therefore not supported by some old laptops interview, Based on similar thesis Takahashi developed a tool called WPAcrack, a proof of concept which allows a brute force offline dictionary attack against the WPA.

The encryption mechanisms were evaluated basing on literature and measurement of association time. Therefore, the main focus of this study will be to examine different encryption methods and to identify potential risks when using wireless networks and recommend possible means of securing WLANs.

However, this approach does not provide the desired security as it is easy to spoof an address. The security vulnerabilities that exist in them are analyzed and explained.

Confidentiality in wireless networks

However,Borisovet al has proved that vulnerabilities exist for each of them; therefore none of the security objectives can be reached. The encryption mechanisms were evaluated basing on literature and measurement of association time. The experiments involved four WLAN devices. Itmustbe shared by an Access point in order to authenticate clients to the network. Usually the cipher key has bit and consist of 24 bit initialisation vector IV and bit key. MAC Filtering should be used only as a small part of the security strategy. With Open Authentication, when a station wants to connect, the Access point always accepts the request and allows a station to join the network automatically. The decryption is the reverse of this process and uses the same key Fluhreret al, The study findings have expanded on the knowledge in the field of wireless networks performance and security. However, the main focus is on the potential risks whenusing wireless networks and ways to provide an appropriate security. There are different types of However, does not include most of the flaws of the previous system.
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