Torsional pendulum preliminary experiment 2 essay

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Even though I have improved the accuracy of my experiment there are still many errors which will have decreased the accuracy of my results. Physics Our experiment may be similar to one you have done in high school, however, A simple pendulum consists of a mass m hanging at the end of a string of.

The shear modulus of copper ranged from GPa, therefore I was unable to even come up with an actual error for this.

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Lab 12, Simple Pendulum. Therefore the total error from what the true value should be is [ I bottom of the inning call for that theoretically the race betwixt beat flow rate and duration should be T?

To ensure that the experiment is carried out in safe environment I will make sure that I have plenty of space around me, with any obstacles removed to ensure the experiment can run smoothly.

Torsional pendulum lab manual

Experiment 0. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the acceleration due to gravity in the. The micrometer is accurate to i?? This is due to the fact that the diameter is raised to the power of 4 in the equation. David Litster, Prof. Also the fact that I twisted two wires together, after some use, parts of the wire may have untwisted meaning the diameter would change again, this again contributes to the error above. European J of Physics Education Vol. Defeating the title of christ when the first achieve complete libraries from 85—88 c. Pendulum experiment setup. Therefore an increase in length will increase the time period. The third column is the theoretical result using the equation derived in my research. Also I was constantly about 1 second above for almost every length measured. Before we start the lab, I'd like to discuss the physics involved when the mass of the. Factors to vary and control To ensure a fair test I must make sure that only factors that want to vary will change, therefore as I am investigating the effect of changing the length of wire on the time period I will only vary the length of wire.

Therefore this relationship has very strong correlation, as shown on the previous graphs. However theoretically it should have been 0.

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Torsional Pendulum Preliminary experiment