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Tripoli continues to be the second largest city, after Cairoin Mamluk architecture. In the first half of the number of Saudi visitors has doubled from a year earlier, Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian says.

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According to an earlier interview Executive conducted with head of the syndicate of hotel owners Pierre Achkar see December issuetourists from the Arab Gulf are particularly advantageous to the industry given that their average length of stay in Lebanon is longer—at least 10 days—than tourists from Europe and the Near East, and that they tend to be higher spenders, opting for suites instead of regular rooms, and also spending more in the country.

Now, bigger acts are making these festivals destinations in themselves.

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Today, Batroun is composed of an old town with numerous old stone churches and winding alleyways, all assembled around the old Phoenician harbor. It was the capital of the Druze Cancimat of Lebanon The first traveler in recorded history, the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, chose Lebanon's cedar forest as his destination.

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On street level, numerous souvenir shops and mini-markets can be found with old-fashioned bakeries making crunchy whole wheat bread, called "Kaak". Located on a promontory jutting into the sea, this walled medieval city is very well preserved and is still inhabited today. Sheltered between the ravine's limestone cliffs, it is lined up with outdoor restaurants, cafes and playrooms, and shaded by trees. If you are in Beirut, then you must visit the Pigeon Rocks, which is one of the most spectacular landmarks of the country and you should add it to your list of things to do in Lebanon. Around 90 minutes from Beirut, Mzaar Kfardebian, also known as Faraya, is home to three lift systems that ascend to mountains steep enough to challenge technical skiers. The Old City is decorated with elaborate ornaments, Arabesque designs, hexagonal cornices, molded door and window frames, and many other beautifying features. Due to its relative geographic isolation from the local centers of power in Mount Lebanon and Syria, the town did not have any significant allies in the region to fall back on in case of conflicts or attacks. One of Batroun's medieval archaeological sites is the Crusader citadel of Mousaylaha which is constructed on an isolated massive rock with steep sides protruding in the middle of a plain surrounded by mountains. He argues that instead of vaguely marketing Lebanon as a country destination abroad, we should focus on promoting individual destinations that exist in the country but are under-used or promoted for more on marketing Lebanon, see comment. Sidon Old towns still form the center or core of many Lebanese cities and towns. This restaurant is particularly famous for its sour cherry kebab. The city belonged under Roman rule to Phoenicia Prima province, and later after the region was Christianized became a suffragan of the Patriarchate of Antioch. If you find a Christian symbol, build a church.

During the 16th to 18th centuries, Deir el Qamar was the residence of the governors of Lebanon. It was the capital of the last Crusader state in the Levant the County of Tripoli in the 12th century.

Tourism in lebanon

During the Phoenicians era, which was about years ago, wine was first introduced in the Bekaa Valley, which is now the heart of wine production in Lebanon. Now, Tripoli's Mamluk architecture remains the finest example of the genre outside of Cairo. There is another village close to Faraya, known as the village of Faqra, where you can see the remnants of a Roman tower and a Phoenician temple. Its inhabitants are predominantly Greek Catholic and known as Zahlawi. The city belonged under Roman rule to Phoenicia Prima province, and later after the region was Christianized became a suffragan of the Patriarchate of Antioch. If you are in Beirut, there is one restaurant that you absolutely cannot miss to eat at, and that is Tawlet. Zahleh is the capital and largest city of the Bekaa Governorate in east Lebanon. While you are at Deir el-Qamar, you cannot miss visiting Beit ed-Din. Sidon's Old City is home to many ancient churches and old stone mosques that were built above pagan temples. Slideshow 3 Images Though the peace has held since then, there are occasional lapses - most recently a deadly shooting in the popular Chouf mountains involving followers of rival Druze leaders. If you go a bit further, you will come across the stunning natural bridge of Kfardebian which is formed due to water erosion and wind.
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Tourism in Lebanon