Upper crust pies business plan

Our sales strategy requires consistently high quality food and fast service in a relaxed atmosphere.

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The look, feel and taste of our products when compared to the competition will initially establish a sense of curiosity, followed by a value for money reputation and eventually a loyal following of pie lovers and connoisseurs.

Proximity to home or work is very important; so is convenient parking for the end-of-workday traffic stopping to pick up hot food to go or frozen meal solutions.

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We know we have great products, but it's the way those products are delivered that will determine our success. Compensation for employees will include direct monetary payments and as the business progresses, performance bonuses will be paid to full-time employees.

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Based on the current market Siggiewi Gozo expects the company to quadruple turnovers by Because these individuals are the most open to trying new foods they are vitally important in building an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy. The company respects its community of co-workers, and will treat all workers well. Chequamegon offers fresh single and multi-pack pies in as well as a range of sausage rolls and savories. As the company grows, we intend to hire employees with relevant skills and reward them accordingly. A small back-up supply of products will also be kept on site. Each American consumed an average of 7 pounds more red meat than in the s, 46 pounds more poultry and 4 pounds more fish and shellfish. This will ensure that any operating debts incurred are paid for within the shortest possible time period. The menu items must meet minimum levels of quality for people to be willing to spend money on the food, particularly when there are so many different options available. Increases in income, especially when coupled with exposure to new and different foods, will stimulate Americans' continuing quest for increased variety in their diets.

Due to the company's expansion plans in years two and three, it is important that our suppliers have regional and possibly national coverage. Initially all employees will be part time as the majority of work will be done by the owner.

In total meat consumption red meat, poultry and fish reached pounds per person, 57 pounds more than the average annual Page 9 UPer Crust Pies consumption in the s.

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Our opening employment goal is one full-time and one part-time employee with an additional two full-time and three part-time employees by the end of the second year. Based on current market research, shipping could be a significant profit center. There is a strong expatriate base and loyal customer following at both stores. We will offer punch cards, meal deals and weekly menu specials and keep accurate track of what types of pies and associated foods sell well through a customer feedback program. Despite customer unpredictability, buying patterns typically revolve around several different factors: Quality. We will also offer fresh baked samples free of charge to those who enter our store for the first time. Please contact us at info christinespies.

Satisfaction of this group will provide a vital long-term revenue stream.

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Pie Restaurant Business Plan