Vce further maths business plan

Modelling observed linear association with least squares regression line, interpretation of slope and intercept. Past VCE examinations are available as a reference for students and teachers.

Area of Study Statistics Topic: Investigating relationships between two numerical variables Weeks 4—6 Data involving response and explanatory variables. Using linear models to make predictions, limitations of interpolation and extrapolation. Possible assessment: a test that involves estimation and computation in a variety of different practical situations.

They also include examination advice. Area of Study Geometry, measurement and trigonometry Topic: Shape and measurement Weeks 10—13 Review of mensuration and applications involving perimeter and area.

Solving measurement problems involving composite two dimensional shapes. Units of measure and order of magnitude, log to base 10 scales. Sample course 1: Unit 1 Area of Study Arithmetic and number Topic: Computation and practical arithmetic Weeks 1—2 Review of integer, rational fraction and decimal and real arithmetic.

Developing formulas word descriptions, tables of values and graphs.

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Applications of piecewise defined line segment graphs.

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Vce Further Maths Business Plan